Hi guys! Any one have an idea of how to create a sub category in vb.net? well I'm thinking of building a sales and inventory system of computer parts and peripherals and here's the logic. I'll be assigning each of them category like for example:

- Processor- Chasis - Router
- Memory - keyboards - Bridge
- Storage- Speakers -Hub
- Optical Drive- Flash Drives - Switch
- Graphics Card

There you go. and the main categories are: Componenets, Peripherals, Networking
and the Subcategories are with the -(dash) on their names

if you have an idea also on the database structure please give me also some tips about how to construct the database tables thank you very much :)

oh btw im using ms access 2007 thanks a bunch guys! :)

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- processor
- memory
- video card
- storage
- optical drive

- chasis
- keyboards
- mouse

- router
- switch
- hub
- bridge

Table structure should be:

CatId  Category  ParentID
1      A         
2      B       
3      AA         1
4      BB         1
5      CC         2
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