I bet it is most likely only myself that keeps falling into this.

Its noticed to me that more old threads seem to be ressed for no reason by people and I have a habit of not looking at when they were posted :D

Would it not be easier to resolve the whole graveyard ressing thing by locking out posts after a certain amount of time?

Because I highly doubt new valuable information is going to be added to a post 4 years after it was written, and it someone else asks a question, hi-jacking the thread, they may as well be forced to ask a new one and maybe reference the old thread.

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Old threads get a big message placed right above the reply box saying that the thread is dead and to start a new one instead, with a link to do so. I am against locking them because there ARE times when, years later, valuable information does get contributed.


Yes I thought to myself as I was writing it that there were times, but could only thing of a small few.

I will look for this big message next time!


Realised the reason I dont see this message is because someone else ressed the post, and therefore the thread was counted as 'active' in the last three months = no message warning of thread age. Perhaps changing it from inactivity period to age would be more appropriate? (Except this probably wouldnt work so well in the geek's lounge etc with the long posts and also posting games forums)


Not just the Geek's Lounge, but there are sooooo many ongoing discussions throughout the site that are still relevant, years later.



1) Change the message color to RED to make it more visible. If you can, change the background of the message to YELLOW to make it pop visually.

2) Add a button that must be pressed to get to the message box to override. Maybe add the hated "are you sure" button.

3A) Take into account the First Post date, not the Last Post date. Yes, a potential problem for a thread that actually does last for 3 months. So instead:

3B) If the message is displayed once, set an internal flag that marks the thread as ancient so the message always gets displayed.

Mix and match...

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