I have a very old Vaio laptop (PCG-Z505JE). Has had very few problems but the two it did have were fixed by great help here at DaniWeb. As of this morning, for the first time, the on switch on the right side did not turn it on. I think the problem is the switch because the battery pack showed 100% charge in a similar computer.

Any advice on repairing this myself? Hopefully not too terribly complex.
If not, is there some sort of workaround to get the power on without the normal switch?

If this can't be done, can I extract data (Word 2000 documents) from this computer in Windows 98?

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Where about on the laptop is the power button located? The reason I ask this is because some sony's have the button located on the end of the right hand hinge. If this is the case then it could well be the button itself as they are prone to failure. If the button is located elsewhere like just above the keyboard then it is far less likely to be the button and is more likely to be a motherboard fault.

Hi Ric--
Thanks for the reply. The power switch is a slider on the right side of the bottom portion of the laptop. It is spring-loaded; you bring it forward to turn on or force quit. When you let it go it returns to its resting position. The functioning of the slider feels normal to me. (I might add that I bought, very cheaply, another laptop just like it to use for parts, such as replacing old keys, a few months ago. The second computer has only one problem, the slider, which works intermittently. For some reason on this second computer, it tends to allow itself to be powered on after it has been off for a couple of days. I mention this because the motherboard on this computer is apparently fine). The order of functions on the right side, back to front are: infrared sensor, power on slider, fan outlet, dsl line plug-in, usb port, and finger dial for adjusting screen brightness.
All thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

In order to test the power button you are going to have to open the laptop up. Are you comfortable with doing so?

Yes. But first I am going to do a data extraction just in case something goes horribly wrong when I open it up. The computer is very old and I think it is likely that opening it will disturb something else. So I will have to be prepared to say goodbye to it. I will let you know when the data extraction has been achieved,hopefully today or tomorrow, and we can go forward from there. Thanks!

If you first remove the hard drive then there is absolutely no chance of data loss.

Just so you know, I am a professional computer technician and do jobs similar to yours on a daily basis, 6 days a week.
I have stripped and rebuilt from tablets to laptops to PC's and all-in-one PC's, including a small number of Mac's.

Thanks. Good to know about your expertise and appreciate your input.
I am getting set up to remove the hard drive in the next couple of days. Will keep you posted.

Anything you are unsure of, just ask away and/or post a pic or 2.

98 wil read the disk and you should be able to get the documents better if you have the same version of office installed not mant changes betwen Office 97 and 2000....

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