So my PC is acting up and randomly turning off while I'm playing my MMO. I've had it for about 3 years and am ready for a new one. I'm thinking about buying a brand new PC but I HATE Windows 8 with a passion. I'd like to buy a custom built pc with an AMD FX-9370 processor. The motherboard will most likely be the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AMD 990FX Socket AM3+ ATX Mainboard w/ Ultra Durable™ 3, Dual Bios, On/Off USB Charge & 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, 4 Gen2 PCIe X16, 2 PCIe X1 & 1 PCI. Is there a way I can delete my old drivers and then just install my old HDD into the new PC so I don't have to pay 100$+ for a copy on Win7? I don't have the OS disk. I just bought my pc from Best Buy because I needed a quick fix at the time. Thanks for the help! :) I've also upgraded from home premium to ultimate via the disk.

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Unlike older versions of Windows, Win 7 is a bit more forgiving for hardware changes, but the best option is always to perform clean install on new hardware. If you talk to different desktop technicians, you will be likely to encounter a mix of reviews with regard to this process...

Basically, it may or may not work. You should be ready to wipe the drive and perform a clean install in the worst case. There's no gaurantee on this one and if anyone tells you otherwise, I would take that advice lightly.

If you decide to proceed, if you remove your drivers from device manager, and then move the hard drive, boot on the new PC, you may be OK. I've personally seen it work (after Windows restarts 10 times), and I've also seen blue screens.

The closer the hardware is from old to new, the more likely it will be a success.

OK thanks. Could I make a clean install of 7 using my current pc's product key?

Could I make a clean install of 7 using my current pc's product key?

I'm not aware of any such specific process.

The closest thing i can think of is what is done at the Enterprise level with regard to distributing "clean" images of Windows 7, where you take a reference PC and distribute copies of the image to other PCs in the organization without having to worry about hardware differences. I dont think it directly applies here based on your objective.

Here is a reference article in case you are at least interested in more information about imaging Win 7. Building a Standard Image of Windows 7: Step-by-Step Guide

That article references how to create bootable Windows 7 media. A requirement is that you have to have a Windows 7 ISO file. you mentioned that you didnt have the disk, so if you have the ISO file, that shouldnt be a problem.

Make sure you extract your key prior to doing this if you dont have it handy. I have used the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder in the past. It simply exposes the key(s) you have registered with. Without this tool, the information is not very easy to extract from your current installation.

With regard to the "Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool." listed in step 3 of that article, it appears the link is broken. here is the direct link i found on Microsoft's site:
You will need the Win 7 ISO to greate a bootable USB/DVD.

Thanks! :D I can make a disc with this Win7 bootable media, do a clean install on the new system and then copy my files over right? Just to make sure I get all of this

Sure, if you get your hands on the Win 7 ISO, creating the bootable media isnt that hard. You would then install a fresh clean copy, and just copy back your data. Of course, the applications would need to be installed from scratch as well.

Some people partition their hard drives to store at least two partitions. One for the OS and other other for data. This design allows you to re-install Windows over and over without having to worry about touching the data on the seperate partition.

Awesome! I'm going to try that :) I used to have a partition but when I reinstalled windows on a new HDD, I ended up not creating a partition.

i did a quick read of this thread,when using the key to old computer on new one , when trying to activarte on new harddrive ,you may have to call to microsft to activate it ,just tell them your motherboard died ect ect

Dont move forward until you know that you have bootable media and also verified that you have your data safe.

Ok, good luck.

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