why daniweb.com don't give warning first before giving it ? it is very bad to see these points. there must be warning first. :'(

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I took the warning route when you were using your previous account and were being abusive to other members - you then promptly closed that account and started another one. You have had plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the rules here, and indeed promised me that you would not break any rules when you replied to my previous PMs. Posting the same question multiple times is doing just that, and you received a two point infraction as a result. It takes ten points to kick off a ban, and those two points will disappear soon enough. Do nothing else to break the rules between now and October 12th and your account will go back to being infraction point free. Think of the two point infraction as being, in effect, a warning not to digress again...


ohh... you rememeber that i have promised you. :-) okies will not do in future. :p thanks. :'(

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