Hello :)

i'm looking for a proper way of drawing points in MFC. or Drawing those point on a Drawn Eclipse. then i actually have to join them. i had been working on .NET, so i'm less fimiliar to visual C++ 6.0, but i have to use it for this.

i can draw eclipse like:

void CTesttView::OnDraw(CDC* pDC)
	CTesttDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

but now, how can i draw points on it?
since i have to join those points using lines later, how can i keep a track of points, to join them later..?

i might not be perfect in explaining..
kindly guide me, how to take a start..

Thanks :)

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This Scribble tutorial will show you how to draw lines with MFC

Thanks DeanMSands3, & Ancient Dragon :)

i meant, i actually have to draw around 5000 points, surrounding the drawn eclipse.
i.e, i have to draw around 5000 points in circular way, one after the other. then i have to join them using line. regardless of the joining, i want to know, how can i Draw Points, in circular fashion.

thanks :)

The tutorial I posted will show you how to connect the points.

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