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It's not a complaint just a note: when I hover over the adds on DW pages my Firefox often crashes (and says 'Well, this is embarassing...'). I learned to live with that (patience is my strong attribute) but thought you might want to know (also I do not want to embarass Firefox too much).

My Firefox is 15.0.1 (some older versions were crashing, too) on Fedora 17 64bit.

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It helps. It was actually not myintention to disable adds but now FF at least does not crash. Thnx, I'll mark it solved.


Sorry for the hi-jack, seems related, I decided to un-disable adverts earlier as felt bad for reducing advertising revenue.

However I've since had my firefox crash 4 times on loading pages, the page loads visually and then I lose complete responsiveness of the tab, and so I've been forced to redisable them :(

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I get the same when I'm on linux and firefox. If you want exact details of the OS version and firefox versions I can give that also. And although disabling ads does resolve the issue I can't imagine this is what you want from a marketing POV?

It would be nice to see this resolved?

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I'm unable to duplicate this. I currently only have access to Firefox for Windows. Is this a Linux-specific issue?

I think we investigated this issue once before and determined it was due to certain Firefox plugins that people were using. Can those experiencing the issue attempt with all Firefox plugins and extensions disabled, and let me know is the issue is still going on?


Seems like I marked this as solved a bit too early.

Last night I did a test. I disabled all my add-ons and no crashes for next hour. Then I gradually enabled add-ons one by one. The last to be enabled was Firebug 1.9.2. and when it was FF soon crashed. After disabling it again no crashes. But I can not for sure since Firebug is enabled again and today no crashes.

I use the following add-ons:

  • Firebug (1.9.2)
  • Live HHTP headers (0.17)
  • PHP developer toolbar (3.0.5)
  • Web developer (1.2.2)

Maybe others can list their add-ons and we can find the lowest common denominator to concentrate on.


I wrongly accused the Firebug add-on of crashing my browser in my post above, my apologies to girls and guys at getfirebug.com/. I haven't got Firebug installed at my work laptop but FF is crashing anyway.

The add-ons I have here at work are:

  • ColorZilla 2.8
  • Javascript debugger 0.9.89
  • Live HTTP headers 0.17
  • View source chart 3.05
  • Web developer 1.2.2

Las crash occured about an hour ago. I also filled a bug report to Mozilla.

Now, I am not sure how much time is it worth to be spent on this issue. I disabled adds again and have no problems and am happy with that. But I will keep watching this thread if anyone wants more info from me. And I gave mayself a task of enabling adds every now and then, checking them out and disabling them again to make sponsors happy.

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