I'm in need of help please. my customer wants this site done buy tomorrow and it was almost finished. until i did something stupid. the problem is that i dont know what. My site is working fine on mobile phones and in Firefox.. but for some reason it will no longer show up in EI. Ive been google all day and have been at it for hours trying to debug. Im sure its something stupid. PLEASE HELP its Click Here

It looks fine to me in IE9.. nice design by the way. good job.

thanks you very much. i was so close to finishing. now thats strange im using ie9. i just checked.

Maybe its your browser. Try from another PC. You can also try adobe labs or browser shots.com You can test out different browsers online.

thanks ill try that.. and let you guys know

whats crazy if i click the refresh button i can see the correct viewing of the site for a split second before it loads and shows incorrectly..

unless you can produce this with more than one browser, the problem appears to be related to your browser. Test on other computers, use the online browser tools, etc...

If you IE has crapped out, IE has the ability to reset itself to factory settings... you can go to tools, options, advanced, click on reset. this fixes most of the IE issues that are quirky.

JorgeM you should be the next American Idol.. i did the reset and everythings looking great.. thanks so much.. this site is so helpful

Yeah, that reset usually works.

in ie8 also its working perfect.

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