Once again my school laptop has failed me. I downloaded UltraSurf and tried to run it at my house, where it connected 100%. I came to school, the place I was always going to use it, and it could never go past 99.9% connection. I realised it wasn't working, so I exited it and tried to vist some webpages with Google Chrome, but I could not connect to any sites, so I restarted. When I logged back on, my computer said it could not detect any networks. I ran the troubleshooter and all the connections came back and I logged onto the school's one. Once again though, Google Chrome would not work. I then opened Skype and Bittorrent, and realised that these were working perfectly and were connecting to the internet. I tested Opera, Firefox, and even Netscape Navigator. Internet Explorer was the only one that even partially worked, as when I started it it went to the intranet homepage, which updated while I was there. So I preformed a virus scan, and it has revealled no problems. After this, I deleted Ultrasurf and tried again for no result. I restarted once more, and had the same result, so I decided to try the last possibility, and started up Tor, which I am using right now. (I got Ultrasuft as a replacement for Tor, as Tor dosen't support Flash.) Tor connected and worked perfectly with connecting me with a new I.P adress.

I would take my computer to the tech guys to have it fixed, but I want to use this as a last resort as they would reinstall windows, and I can't have that happening as my computer is filled with GB's of downloading torrents and other software such as Skype that II will have to back up. I can only go without using Flash and using Tor for so long, as Tor won't even work half the time. I can't install software, but I can install it to a USB, then move the files to my desktop and run it from there, as my computer forbids opening of .exe's from anyware except the desktop.
Thanks in advance.

Why are you using Ultrasurf ? Has your school blocked some sites or what ? By the way, Ultrasurf is a good proxy software but it works after 100% connectivity. If it is not working, go to settings and select proxy settings to "Auto detect proxy".


Okay so now I've got home and my broweser works here, so I wonder what was wrong at the school's I.P adress.