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It's looks fine to me, although it doesn't load on my work PC, must be some gateway issue, (no concern of here, similarly I have no ad next to google ads above quick reply box).

Anyways, since we are keen to embrace Google, could we have a google search bar, where you can either search the forums, or launch a web search. Everyone uses google to answer some questions, and would be much quicker than opening IE / Firefox again, loading google, and then searching.

(Sorry to change subject slightly)


This has been tried in the past, and it really isn't cost-effective to send visitors away with a Google search. I have also tried using the Google API to perform Google searches while keeping the users on DaniWeb (ie: http://www.daniweb.com/search/search.php?q=SOME_QUERY to perform a google sitewide search where SOME_QUERY is whatever you'd like), but Google limits the number of queries that can be performed daily and we surpassed their max, even after emailing them asking to raise the limit.

If you're a frequent Googler, may I suggest the Google toolbar :)


Sadly the google toolbar doesn't fall within the "Authorised Software" where I work, nevermind, I get your point :(

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