Today, Yahoo! introduced their new Publisher Network, a "new self-serve platform that will provide small- and medium-sized web publishers with easy access to yahoo! advertising and content." In other words, it's a direct alternative to Google AdSense.

The program, which the webmaster community initially caught wind of nearly a year ago, is currently invitation only. It's a program that I would love to participate in, if I could ;) Unfortunately, I don't have much more information to share at the moment. Are you listening, Yahoo?!

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Well, I've been accepted into their beta program. Yahoo! ads are now in rotation throughout DaniWeb. Any opinions based on the ads that you're seeing? Just like when AdSense first came out, it might take a little bit of time to spider the page content before it's all relevant. I'm going to do a one week test and see which performs better, and we'll go from there!

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