For those of you webmasters out there who are running Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics) then you can welcome a new feature ... site overlay. It's a feature that so far I have only seen in paid analytics software, so it's definitely a more than welcome addition.

Google Analytics logs pageviews to keep track of user click paths and defines sessions. This takes it to a whole new level by visually representing data for each link on a page. Check it out! :)

I've been using it for just a couple of minutes now and am finding it very helpful and useful already. For example, I can instantaneously see what percentage of users register on DaniWeb as a result of clicking the big Register link next to the login box as opposed to the smaller Register link farther down on the page. Definitely a good utility for learning about and tweaking site navigation patterns.

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Actually, its not technically a new feature. For the first week or so after Analytics was released, the site-overlay feature was available. However, after initially offering the overlay, Google took it out and didn't add it back in until recently.

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