How come the reputation and posts chart does not work? I can't see the chart, could that be a glitch?

Seems okay on my end. What browser and OS? Did you try clearing your cache and doing a hard refresh of the page?

It is currently Flash-based and therefore requires Flash and a non-iOS browser.

I did a hard refresh, cleared cache, tried a different browser... no solution (and Flash is updated)

I am using Safari (latest version) and using Mountion Lion (from apple; operating system)

from apple; operating system

That explains everything :)

... are you anti apple Ancient Dragon?

He is a Dragon, Dragon's do not like apples.

On a side note, last time I checked Apple did not support flash on their OS. (This was a while ago).

I have flash installed and i am able to go to some sites that use flash, and it works perfectly fine there but it doesn't work here..