I'm not sure if I'm the only 1, but since the new site has been up, which looks great just took a while to get used to, reputation has not gone up (it has a little but not what it used to be). By this I mean, great users that I knew (reframed from mentioning names) would increase rep, more then I change underwear. Although I wasnt really one of them my rep would substantially increase, but since the new site, and the new upvoting system, where you have to hover over the 'Upward arrow' and then move your cursor down to the 'vote & comment box' before any rep is actually given, otherwise, only a single upvote (+1) would be given which does not increase reputation just the upvoted post counter, rep has hardly increased, now upvoted posts counters are on the rise.

Now IMO I answer questions because I like too, but also too get some aknowledgement/rep which makes me feel like a genious :P, however, now I barely see anyones rep increasing and if it does hardly by anything. This voting system is very confusing. I also struggled to grasp this, now how to we exepect new users to graps it to? I myself even got confused (see here), in that article Dani said it was done for transparency (which is agreeable, but why not rather give everyone a standard amount that when thet upvote a post only 'x' amount will be added and when down voted 'y' amount will be subtracted), but in the end you cant have a 'perfect' system.

I ask why can you not have a single 'upward arrow' and 'downward arrow' that both adds/decreases rep and upvote/downvote counter? why seperate it into 2 different sections? i.e upvoting/downvoting a post and adding/decreasing rep to a post, aren't they the same either way you look at it? so why have both?

P.S Please do not take this up the wrong way it is mearly a question asked in hope that things might chnage for the better (I'm with the devil i know, rather than the one I dont :))

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I ask why can you not have a single 'upward arrow' and 'downward arrow' that both adds/decreases rep and upvote/downvote counter?

It was never like this. Just clicking on the arrows gives you a vote. Only a vote WITH comment affects reputation.

Looking at the graph in your member profile, which charts your change in reputation against your posts, it looks like you haven't had a lot of reputation lately because you haven't posted lately.

LOL, Hmmm seems my memory is slipping! A sign of old age, but thanks I see now, though I still do think having a single way to upvote and downvote would be better (regardless of a comment), but in the land of the dead you play dead (I guess) :)

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