the coocckies can make several problems for login?

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Can you clarify your statement or question? What login problems are you referring to?


on login. i forget the password. i mistake it several times. then i did the reset of password. i receive the mail for reset it, but your forum give me an error:

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i try several times but with same error.
then i send a mail to dani@daniwebmail.com
i don't know if she(i think is a she) did something to my account for help. but i clean all coockies and temporary files. then i try again and works.
so the coockies can affect the longins?


(i think you recive mails from me (cambalinho_83@hotmail.com)... sorry about that, but wasn't easy to come back :()
after some time yes ;)
but let me ask you: the coockies can realy affect the logins?


now i know the corrupted(or something that can happen) cookies, can make problems for login.
thanks for all
my real name is Joaquim Miguel... from portugal.
i use these nickname(have 1 nice little history), because i love it ;)

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