We would like to know how to remove a message, a "Warning" that someone put on our churches presentation Acer
computer. The computer is running perfectly, using Power Point as the program to put up the slides on the front display. The computer doesn't have an administrator login so that others can mess with the computer.
Any and all replies appreciated. We do know that there is a way to use a path from a word processor to put a line
of information on the startup or login screen. I just need a step by step procedure to learn how to change the message or completely delete the source of the message.

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When does the message pop up? When you use PowerPoint, Word, or any Office product? What does the message say, it should say something more than just "Warning"?

I think this should give you the guidance you need to remove the message:
Or, if you so wish, you can copy and save the following script to your deskto using notepad; name it cleanlogin.bat.
Double-click it to run it; you will be asked to confirm the steps. It will zero out the two value names, legalnoticecaption and leganoticetext

reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v legalnoticecaption
reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v legalnoticetext

When the message pops up, start Task Manager and go to the Applications tab. Select the application that is displaying the message (you should be able to narrow it down) then Right Click and Go To Process. Once you know what process is generating the message you can use MSCONFIG to disable that program. If MSCONFIG doesn't list it then use Autoruns

How confident are you that this isn't a legitimate warning? An Antivirus warning or an 'update needed' alert?If you can't describe the nature of the warning or when it appears, can you upload a screenshot or photo?

It could be as simple as removing a document or file in the Start-up folder:

Start > All Programs > Start up

Anything in that folder will start as Windows starts. Don't automatically delete all that you see there, just click on it to see if the warning appears again.

If it's a startup message at logon, then Gerbil has the correct answer. This is a very typical thing for companies to do, equiviliant to the MOTD for Linux hosts or networking equipment.

I suppose it would help to know what the warning text is. Stuugie already asked you to post this.

" remove a message on login screen".
If it is text, then my post stands.
If it is a graphic of text, then the logon .scr file in system32 has been modified [easy, with the right tool], or replaced [easy also, a reg mod].
You need a response from OP to go further.

That was garbage, XPish, and should be logonui.exe. Logonstudio, or Resource Hacker.
W7? This file: system32\oobe\backgroound.bmp.
Anyway, Logonstudio will do it, or manually, this site explains the hows:
You can't swap the file directly because you cannot get the permissions. But W7 is built so you can substitute another.

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