How about adding a delete button? Some time (twice overall) I had to "report" my topic to moderation for request, so they could delete it. Because I had already found answer in some way.

The "unlimited" edit button. It does vanish after some time. I mean, few first minutes, it's there, but let's say over about 3 hours, it doesn't appears anymore. Could you just let "edit" button be there forever?

The system is designed specifically to prevent people from doing what you want to do :)

We don't want members to be able to go back and replace their post with "Nevermind, I got my answer" because other people might have the same question, people read the thread, people might have replied to it.

So much of the content you post goes to be seen and help so many other people. We don't want content being manipulated after it's already been posted unless it is a rule violation because that is just confusing to other members, and disrespectful to members who might have replied to your post, whose posts now make no sense since you edited.

We allow posts to be modified for up to 30 minutes because that is an acceptable amount of time to correct spelling mistakes, things you forgot, etc.

However, after that, it's complete moderator discretion whether a post should be edited at all. Most often, we'll only edit it if it breaks a rule.

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