Hi can somebody tell me how to delete a table space? Some days ago I deleted a table because I thought I didn't need it anymore.
When I tried to recreate it I got this error:
ERROR 1813(HY000): Tablespace for table 'test','employees' exists.PLEADE DISCARD the table space before import;

I searched on the web but the solutions offered seem so complicated is there an easy way to do it? Thank you

please try:

DROP TABLESPACE tablespace_name
    ENGINE [=] engine_name

engine_name can be (myisam & innodb). they are commonly used engines.

I tried but it does not work maybe I did it wrong like this?
ENGINE [innodb]

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I think you are missing out values for engine_name, that depends on your MySQl version.

Try with NDB and NDBCLUSTER.

Hi I tried with NDB and NDBCLUSTER but gives error message 'unknown NDB engine or ndbcluster engine'.Since the db still exists I even tried to recreate the table and then delete the db, it deletes the table but not the db.I guess I'll give up and leave it there.

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