There was a user named Mitja Bonca wich spent a lot of his time on the C# section. Before a year ago i ve seen a algorithm that he did for a guy providing him help in that way. This algorithm was tremendous (was then) and i can t locate this post from him. Is there a easy way that i can find this post(his reply to this guy). By the way i tried to contact him on facebook but facebook sorts the inbox in that way that he doesnt see the message. Any help would be appreciated.

How about going to his profile and browse through his replies.

Have you tried to use DaniWeb's search feature? maybe simply include the user name and a few key words that you recall may be included in the thread. This thread is likley indexed in Google and DaniWeb's search is a custom google engine (CSE).

I've used that approach before and have found the post that I was looking for.

I m quite lazy to search all of the 128 pages, but if I do not find it using another approach I ll consider that one.

If you use the DaniWeb search tool and it doesnt show up on the first page or second, i'd try again by refining my search. If that doesnt go well then going through it manually is one approach assuming that this information you are looking for is worth it.

For example, if I do a search with this phrase "Mitja Bonca c# algorithm", this thread comes up as #1 in the list of results. I think its a matter of getting the correct key words.