Okay, so I was able to register without using javascript. I am able to update my profile without javascript. I can login without javascript, and even send private messages without javascript.

I can definitely make posts without javascript.

Somewhat puzzlingly, I'm unable to respond to posts without javascript, which is of greater than academic importance for the reason that my phone does not support javascript, and my primary interest to this lovely discussion board is my phone.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I'll investigate to see if there's an easy way to get post replies to work sans javascript. Off the top of my head, though, it was designed with javascript in mind, so I'm not sure if this is entirely possible.

As an alternative, try subscribing to our mailing list (option in your member profile). It functions like an old-school listserv mailing list and you can reply via email. :)

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I didn't know about the mail option, awesome!

There is now limited ability to reply to articles with javascript disabled in your web browser. However, it's limited and semi-broken. I suggest using our mailing list feature.

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Thank you very much for this, it works also when the FB plugin does not load correctly!
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