Who can help me with the folowing
I have javascrip variable and a php datatable
And i wand to read the datatable with the javascript variable
here is the code i have

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        var newland = document.getElementById("geboorte_land").value;
        if ((newland != "" && newland != "Duitsland") || (newland != "" && newland != "USA"))
            var x=document.getElementById("provincie")
            x.options[x.selectedIndex].text="Kies een provincie:"

    $resulta = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM stamboom_provincies_var newland ");
    while($rowa = mysql_fetch_array($resulta))
        echo "<option value='".$rowa['provincie']."'>".$rowa['provincie']."</option>";

how can i use the datatable with var newland in stamboom_provincies_var newland?

Thanks in advice John

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You can't do that with js. You'll need to use Ajax.

Oke thanks i tought it I will make an other solution i have it almost With post from an other page.

thank for the reply