Dani: I've started getting duplicate notifications by email. I forwarded them to your regular email address.

Thanks ... I'll reach out to James #1, but I believe he's feeling under the weather right now.

Oh, and also, would you be able to provide the email headers for the duplicates?

I just checked my Sent folder and the headers were included. At least the headers I see in Outlook when I select View Header.

It sounds like James got the Christmas flu. I'm just getting over it myself. The flu shot I got in October was completely useless.

Still getting duplicates of everything.

Just checked the mail server we aren't sending any duplicate message id's, which means something else is going on specific to your account.

Edit: I'm only showing unique messages leaving our mailserver, are you getting duplicates from any place other than DaniWeb?

I have disabled all Outlook rules to see if that is causing false duplicates.

My next notice came only once so it seems it was an Outlook problem.