Hello Dani,

I want to know just about that iam experiencing this problem-

Your webpage loads and done sometimes with errors and sometime proper.

waiting for your reply......thunderstorm

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It's some of the advertising agencies which I deal with :( Sometimes there are rogue campaigns which randomly run. It is third-party so there is nothing I can do about it.


Nor me. Only advertising related problem I run into every now again here is when a Google adserver goes down and everything goes into that awful browsing through treacle mode :)


It's not the Google adserver ... it's my own ad server whom I pay every month to rotate and track the banner campaigns, which makes it all the worse. Just the other day my ad server sent me a big box of brownies as a holiday gift - it was a nice gesture until you realize they're 500+ calories each.


I hate this time of year, as there are always loads of chocs, cakes and yummy looking things around. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for my figure, I cannot eat any dairy or yeast products which rules pretty much all of them out of bounds.

Merry Yule, by the way...

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