The thread that asks for programs worth downloading has provided me (and I'm sure others) with excellent sources for improving their computer experience. But what about those programs you have downloaded that turned out to be tragic blunders--messing up your computer and giving you all sorts of problems?
We could help members of our community (and those who just peek into DaniWeb without registering)if we were to compile a collection of programs that messed us up and warn others to beware of them. Tell us the program/s to avoid and what undesireable affects it/they caused.

Hmmm well basically i just read the reviews before downloading something. If a program is good it is bound to have a number of good reviews under it's belt. If the program was posted for long and no reviews were posted welll i get a bit suspicious about it and search for something else. So my advice is before you download program X search for reviews about it, if it's that good you will find something :)