I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to go see Spiderman 3 yet. I have seen it twice already. In my opinion it was a decent movie, Sandman was cool, The New Goblin was really well done, but Venom... VENOM. The ultimate Spiderman villain was terrible done and a waste of time, probably the worst element of the movie itself. And it is a shame because Venom could have been amazing.

... agree?

it was pretty cool. Sandman was sooo lame, the green goblin (isn't he supposed to be called the "hobgoblin"....) did not look like a goblin or a hobgoblin. Spiderman was cool until he gave up his black stuff, venom was pretty lame.

Not seen the fjilm yet, but my son got the PS3 'collector edition' game today. Not had a chance to play it with him yet, although he tells me the exclusive 'new goblin' playable character is a waste of time as you can only control it using the movement sensitive controller, which actually means you can't control it at all.

Yeah, i heard the game was a waste of cash altogether.

And Sturm Harry Osborn actually became the second green goblin. The HobGoblin and the DemoGoblin were both different people not related to the Osborn Family. And I don't know i thought Haden Christian Church (i think thats his name) did a good job and his character was really easy to identify with.
But Topher Grace was not scary at all. Vemon was a bitch in that movie.

another superman thing....
have nothing to talk about

I felt that when he had the black suit it was funny, although the dancing infront of Mary-Jane scene was just pointless. Honestly - was there any need?

The CGI of Venom was really poorly done, and frankly there just wasn't enough of them fighting. There was also far to much crying in that movie, it started to look like a chick-flick.

yah i agree, venom is too boring. i hope they add some more fight scene rather than dancing.. ^^

you can;t get rid of the dancing. it was like the scene from Napoleon Dynamite where he just danced forever and i could not stop laughing. it was hilarious. Honestly i think Sam Raimi just wants to see what he can get out of Toby.

isn't he supposed to be called the "hobgoblin"=

Thats another character who uses the Green Goblin's equipment.

I think they need to stop spiderman before it goes downhill batman style; the companies behind it though will pump out another couple cos its guaranteed to do well.

Overall the film was 'ok' in my opinion but not as good as 1 or 2.

I wonder how long it will be until superhero/comic book movies go out of fashion - the last 10 or so years there have been about 30 of them (spawn, xmen 1,2,3, superman, the hulk, spiderman 1,2,3, hellboy, 300, daredevil, batman 1,2,3,4, catwoman, new batman, fantastic four1,2, the punisher, sin city, ghost rider... sure theres a few I forgot but theres been LOADS.

And of all those which have been good? Batman 1,2. x-men 1, spidey 1,2, 300 and sin city. The rest have been average or below (and a fair few have been absolute stinkers *cough*batman begins*cough*daredevil*

if people will spend money to see them then they will make them. Works out well for any geek who wants to see there favorite comic hero on the big screen. And I don't know I thought they did a decent job of Batman begins, though Christian Bale and Liam Neson just make any movie. If we are going to talk about the worst comic book movies of all time lets label the big 3

1. Ghostrider
2. The Hulk
3. Superman

those are the biggest and worst comic book movies to be made, mostly because they could have been good and they were just ruined.

Which Superman?

you can;t get rid of the dancing. it was like the scene from Napoleon Dynamite where he just danced forever and i could not stop laughing. it was hilarious. Honestly i think Sam Raimi just wants to see what he can get out of Toby.

How could you not stop laughing during Napoleon Dynamite? It was the most unfunny scene, in the most unfunny movie I have ever had the misfortune of watching.

I don't know. I did not care much for that movie either. But the site of the tiny, awkward man dancing was just hilarious to me; Don't ask me why. John Header is pretty funny though, at least he did a good job on SNL last year.

Ghost fighter was the worse movie ever. Well the only thing i that my attention in the movie was the bike. Nicholas cage s@#$s

I don't mind Nick Cage, but ghost rider was a terrible movie. The graphics were decent but i had nooooo idea what was going on at all. Who he was fighting, what they were after, why he was fighting them, who or what those guys were. It was just horribly done. And I don't think it helped much that I had just finished watching the Wickerman remake about 5 minutes before Ghost rider, Wickerman sucked.

The venom character was too skinny and had an English accent forever until he screamed for 1 time in the whole film.I also thought that Eddie Brock should have been taller and buffer since he was a football star at Peter's college.

Yeah, Venom looked weak. I thought he would have been a bigger part of the movie. I liked spider man better when he was in his black suit. He wasn't afraid to get back at Mary Jane after she broke up with him and he wasn't afraid to (attempt to) kill Sandman. I just liked his character better. But the whole part of being really angry at Sandman for killing his uncle and then he gives his 10 minute speech about how he had no other choice but to kill him (which was bull) was just stupid because that was enough for spider man to be okay with it.

I never noticed that Topher Grace was faking a british accent.. huh. Maybe i will have to watch it again.

And, from what I can remember it was more of an accident then anything else. Sand man did not mean to kill his uncle the gun went off, and he tried to help him. But yeah, the dark spiderman was bad ass, when he was walking down the street with his collars up and snapping his finger at all the pretty women that walked by, genious!

The gun just went off? I thought he did it cause he didn't know what else to do. Well, either way if it were me, I'd still be pretty mad. The guy took him out of his car to steal it, held a gun up to him, and then accidently shot him. Even if it was an accident I'd still have trouble forgiving him. But then again I'm not spiderman. Yeah, I didn't notice a British accent either.

Carnage is gonna be so SWEET!!!!On the videogame,you can fight morbius, so he probably won't be in number 4.:(.Well,hopefully there will be the kingpin.does anyone know what his assistant's name is?He is in a wheelchair and he gets mutated in the series?

Lol There is one word that Describes Spiderman 3 Perfectly that im surprised that none of you have said yet. EMO The whole movie was EMO Peter even got the emo fringe when he went "evil" and all the crying simply ads up to make the perfect emo flick.

I went to see it with a friend at like 9:30 on state of origin night and we were the only people in the cinema and we were just cracking up when we saw that fringe.... Hey least it makes the emos feel better i suppose.

Emo? wtf? I didn't think it was emo at all.. He did look all gothic when he turned 'evil'.. but that was comedic, I was laughn my ass off too when I saw him doing that little point at all the chicks.. hahaha.. cracked me up..

How was it Goth? He was wearing tight jeans and had the biggest emo fringe since AFI. Goths do not have fringes like that or for that matter act like that.

Well, that was just a small portion of the movie anyway.. you can't say the entire movie was Emo just from that little comedic scene.

And btw.. I have no idea what the difference between Emo and Goth are, if you couldn't tell.. to me, they're just a bunch of losers who like dressing up in black, slitting their wrists, and talking about death..

oooh.....burn.It was emo when he pulled his hair down.The difference between them is a couple of manga books and a nose ring.;)

Goths Do not slit there wrists and are not whiney little .... yeah not gonna say that word on dani web.

Goths tend to wear longer Black cloths like trench coats and skirts and quite often boots and have more to do with the occult.
Basically a Goth will not take crap if you were to piss off a Goth they would probably kick your head in.

Where as emos wear tight jeans, band shirts (such as my chemical romance) and cry alot about how life is just not fair when really they have not had that hard a life.

That movie was emo because there was alot of crying over "spilt milk".

Crying over spilt milk? Such as.. ? Peter was angry when he lost the girl of his life.. who wouldn't be upset? Then they were both upset over Harry's death (I think thats his name..). Hmm.. I don't think these are trivial matters.

Man,I guess Vincent Valentine is a goth vampire then.:(Stupid Chemical Romance....Maybe Sephiroth is goth too.....:S