I assume the drowpdown/layer menu is javascript simply because it has to wait until the entire page is loaded so that I can see the sub-options... I really wouldn't want it to be redone but sometimes at work I have slow internet and loading the page just pisses me off because I just want to go somewhere else.

If you guys can't come up with a more efficient/faster menu can you at least put the sub-selections on the page if I were to simply click on the button. For ex. If I click on Web Development on the top of the Web Development page can we get PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, etc. to click on?

Even though a CSS dropdown would be a lot better IMO.

The navigation menu is JavaScript-based because, otherwise, every link to every section of the site would have to be a hardcoded link on the page, which leads to a much bloated navigation menu for SEO purposes.

However, the site is fully navigatable without using the dropdown menu. Simply click Web Development in the top navigation menu and then, halfway down the sidebar, you'd be able to click PHP, ASP.NET, etc.

There will even be a yellow/grey folder icon next to the forum to let you know if there are new posts since your last visit.