This was just a goof on my part, but it was quite annoying and maybe it could be handled a bit better. I was on a different machine than normal, so I was not logged into daniweb but I didn't realize it. I found an interesting post and spent quite a while writing a reply. When I clicked "post a quick reply" it told me that I was not logged in (correctly). When I clicked "back", my reply was gone (the text box was empty). Is there a way to have the text remain in the box in a case like this?



Not if you click back in your web browser, unfortunately.

(However, if this happens in the future, after you click submit and you are presented with the registration page, your post appears in the right sidebar of the page so you can copy/paste it once you are logged in.)

It's been over a year, but I have finally implemented a solution to this. Now, if you are not logged in, and you try to submit a post, you have the option of either registering OR logging in to complete the submission process.

Keep in mind that you should never hit the back button in your browser b/c, more often than not, you will lose your post contents that way. This is something your browser does, not us.