I tried to attach a file to a post by clicking the attachment icon and the file upload dialog did not show. I tried several times with no luck.

Still not working for me. At least not in Chrome. It does work in Firefox.

Try clearing your browser cache. (Not your cookies)

Nope. Still doesn't work in Chrome.

commented: Will test in Chrome now. +0

"Google Chrome is up to date
Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)"

I think I had the same problem quite a while back and never found the cause. I use attachments so infrequently I probably just decided back then to use Firefox as needed.

Thinking some more I realized that just in the last month I uploaded a couple of images using Chrome with no problem. And I see that the dialog box is now appearing even though I've changed nothing. Go figure.

So it’s all working now?


I don't know how yez done it but I know yez done it!

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