Doesn't look like anyone’s posted a Hello in forever. Guess everyone’s scared of IDTheft lol.
Or maybe since I am a forum newbie I read missed the current thread. Any who’s I stole this form from an earlier thread.

Presenting ....Me!

Name: Sonya
Nickname: Sunny, smoores, Delinae, EB (Don't ask)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 250
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: CT
Age: 29
Hobbies: I haven't had much time lately, mostly computers, movies and TV.

Relationship Status: Engagded.

Fav Music: Metal; Rap; Blues...if its got a beat and I can dance to it :).

Education: Switched from a business major to working on CS degree.

Work: Service Desk lvl2

Favorite Movies: National Treasure; The Mummy; Stupid comedies (like Beerfest; I can feel my brain melting); Indiana Jones; Top Gun; Predator; Aliens vs Predator; My Fair Lady; Mulan...There is no end to this list.

Favorite TV Shows: South park, the simpsons; family guy; his and hers circumstances; gokuson; Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago & Fraggle Rock :P; Burn Notice; Heroes; CSI everything; Veronica Mars (/Sniff); Buffy ...There is no end to this list.

Favorite Video Games: Gears of War, Halo 3; UNO; Carcasone; Zuma; Legend of Zelda Series ...There is no end to this list.

Stuff you Dislike: CSI Miami; Canceling great shows for reality TV.

theres a lot of introductions?
everyone makes there own?

Metal, Rap and Blues? Thats quite varied...

I like metal and blues. Rap in small doses but only eminem

National treasure was good. Have you seen there making alien vs predator 2?

Likes: CSI everything
Hates: CSI Miami


i prefer CSI NY myself

welcome anyway!


commented: have a random rep, your a pretty cool person - always nice to people +22

CSI Miami ... a love hate relationship lol.

Wow just reread my post (talk about typo's lol).
Sorry, I guess I must bow to the powers of editing before posting.

Of course I know about the new movie.. I have certain website that has "kewl news", permanently plugged into my vain; right next to the coffee line to my veins.

I hope I can be useful while mooching all your great ideas, to make me a Rockstar at work hehe.

Thanks for the Welcome.

hope you enjoy it here

welcome, new here myself, was gonna enquire about the csi thing but jbennet beat me 2 it. agree with some of his other comments, but as for the music, the only rap I like is a gentle one on my head to stop me from snoring in meetings