hello frnds,
I am a computer science student and i am very much interested in presenting a research paper in the field of computer networks.can u give some of the hot topics for the research.It will be greatly helpful if someone is ready to guide me in this process .

thank you

the hottest topic for the last several years seems to be "how to trick people to do my homework for me".
Second hottest is "how to get people do think up a project title for me".

Dont think your are the most intelligent.Not everyone does it.I dont have the intention to beg for help .I thought this forum will help me to do reserch.My college doesn't have faculty who
are experts in the field that is the reason why i joined this forum and opened the thread.If you are able to help do it otherwise dont insult

I know there are people more intelligent than me.
I also know you are not one of them.

Going from the constant battering here the topics I mentioned ARE hot, in fact they're pretty much all that's being asked.

You now have 2 posts here in one thread, both of them showing how stupid you are.