I'm trying to upgrade my website by presenting images in the Photoshop web photo gallery format. So far I've been unable to export the material to Dreamweaver, which is my web creation software. Has anybody done this, and if so how?

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I'm trying to upgrade my website by presenting images in the Photoshop web photo gallery format. So far I've been unable to export the material to Dreamweaver, which is my web creation software. Has anybody done this, and if so how?

I have actually used Photoshop's web gallery on a website in the past. I usually just go through the whole automated process through Photoshop and then open the resulting HTML files in Dreamweaver. If you want to incorporate it into an existing page -- what I've done is just cut out the code from the Photoshop files and pasted into my existing HTML file wherever I want it.

I don't know if that answers your question -- hopefully it helps. If not, can you be more specific about what's happening? I'd be glad to help.



Which Version of Photoshop did you use? I use Photoshop CS2 and I would like to know if the HTML code generated by CS2 is immediately compatible with Dream HTML ?

Thank you

See, I came to this spot earlier this week with a similar problem,
and now babble about what I've done since then.

I wanted to know how to modify Photoshop's generated
gallery to fit on my site- looking for a way to generate
only part of the gallery or set the beginning
to fit a php part of my site.
I had a gallery of 78 pictures and divided this into three pages for the gallery [so it loads easier in IE],
using iframes to keep the code.
So~ I have I take advantage of a Vertical Slideshow 2 because it that doesn't have
that many extras for each page, remove the date of the gallery, and generate it.
Then I just edit the thumbnail page in notepad;
removing extra things like

<!-- Thumbnails with hyperlinks -->, the meta generator tag, <font size="3"  face="Arial" ></font>

, and changing the target frames.
I already have an iframe template that includes some php of that part of my site, and all I do is point the two frames to the thumbs link and page 1.
This way, I can use Photoshop's nifty and sharp way of resizing the images and making thumbails
and just embed a little modified version into my site.

My site needs several galleries and this is a quick, simple way to keep adding more
without tweaking things like Gallery and 4images to match my site's template.

Why don't you use PHP photo gallery scripts to create online photo gallery...there are so many OpenSource photo gallery... they are very easy to use and update the images...You just have to upload the image it will create thumnails for you...

I think you should try this instead of creating everytime in Photoshop then modify in dreamweaver...

I personally think Photoshop's web gallery generation is rather crappy. There's absolutely no need to have a separate html file for every single photo. A simple javascript function would let you change the displayed photo from a thumbnail without having to reload anything else.

You can create your own Photoshop CS2 web photo gallery rather easily.

See also:


Quick Tips:

Go to:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Web Photo Gallery\

You'll see all of the existing styles in there. Copy one of the folders, then edit each of the pages. You can use Dreamweaver to edit the pages.

Looking at the source code, you'll see things like "%TITLE%" and "%PAGE%" -- place these within your code where you would like them to show up.

A couple of important things to consider. These things drove me crazy for a couple hours, but they are simple enough to over come once you understand what PhotoShop is doing.:

- Whatever you decide to name the folder will automatically appear within Photoshop when you File > Automate > Web Photo Gallery

- I think all files found in the "images" folder will get picked up during output (or maybe PSD parses for "<IMG" and <linkrel" for the CSS styles.

- When editing, the HTML files must be formatted for PC (\r\n)
- Each <td> or "thing" that may disappear (e.g. previous, next, etc) needs to be aon a seperate line. PSD removes the entire line that contains the dynamic thing.

Please help me. I have taken over a website for a new client who wants changes to their photo gallery. It is the Adobe Photoshop(R) CS Web Photo Gallery. This is different to the galleries which I usually install. Can anyone please tell me how I add / remove photo's in this gallery? Is there a login area? Do I simply upload the images to the gallery folder? Please help!!

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