We are a tiny ad agency and we are getting assignments to create HTML email ads from some of our cool clients, like: Rolling Stone, Esquire, Columbia House...

We can use some freelance help. We'd supply a layout and copy. We're looking for someone who is super reliable, detail crazed, totally up to speed about employing best design and code practices, and who can turn jobs around really fast.

If that's you, then please drop Todd an email at:


Please post this in the correct forum as this is one for introducing yourself.

Welcome aboard. I do also recomend that you take a look at our FAQ and Forum rukes to get better acquainted with this site!

so sorry!! wasn't sure where to post this -- i also posted it in one other place. do you think this site is the place for me to be on with this request? if you know of any other sites that might be able to help me then i'd be grateful. all the best, -todd

No problem - I have moved your other post to the web development jobs forum here.

thank you for your help! i really appreciate it :) -todd