Hi all,

How do I make a link with the class of "externallink" open in a new window using css? Here is my current style for "externallink" class:

a.externallink:link { 
color: #FF99FF;
text-decoration: none;


Max. :cheesy:

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god only knows which browsers are using CSS3 yet; and even then, I wouldn't rely on it working until everyone's upgraded all of their browsers.

I stick with IE6; and I have no plans to change that on dev workstations until it isn't the most common browser for users...

ok thanks. ill put the code in anyway. do you know it?

did you see the link in that post?

i guess it would be something like:

a.externallink:link { 
  target-name: new;
  target-new: window;

or (exclusive)...

a.externallink:link { 
  target: new window;

the stuff outlined at that location (http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-hyperlinks/) is a working draft... that means it isn't necessarily going to end up like that in the official CSS3 spec when it's done.

personally, i'd stick with the target='_blank' or target='<string>' method until/unless that spec is implemented in at least one popular browser...

i imagine that you wouldn't need the :link psuedoclass on that selector when/if it is implemented.. so it'll just be: a.externallink{...}

ok cool thanks :) so if i just put

a.externallink {
target-name: new;
target-new: window;

will that style it for a:link a:hover a:visited and a:active? also, can i put a:externallink:link etc after it and the open in new window script and styles will work with it?


Well. All style rules for the class a.externallink will be applied during the 'pseudoclass states' (a.externallink:link a.externallink:hover a.externallink:active and a.externallink:visited) unless style rules defined for those pseudoclasses overide rules defined for the class.

Putting the definition for CSS3 target properties in a pseudoclass might cause seemingly erratic behaviour; I don't know whether a:link and a:visited are mutually exclusive... if they are, and you put the definition in :link, then your links would only open in a new window the first time they are visited.

I don't know whether the :hover state is dropped when a link is clicked: If it is, and you put the link in :hover or :active; your links would only open in a new window until they are clicked... i.e. never =P

lol ok to be honest ill just manually make the link's targets _blank :P Thanks a lot though.. learned a lot :D

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