Hi i am an IT guy for Lockheed Martin. More on the hardware end. I am like that pan in the bottom of your refrigirator that catches all the crumbs, drops , goop. I am like that when desktop support can not figure something out they give it to me.

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Welcome to DaniWeb! I'm new here too. Just joined today.

Lockheed Martin... cool. This may sound like a silly question, but have you ever been to the Skunk Works or worked there? :)


but have you ever been to the Skunk Works or worked there?

NO, I have not. Area 51 is actually no more. The AF has moved everything to other places especilly Colorado. I think they tested nukes in groom lake or near by in the 40's and apparently a lot of the radiation is coming back. If you want to know more about area 51 go to youtube. You will get hooked on the videos they have.


but please leave your crumbs, drops and goop at work before posting

...ok it's a deal

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