Just joined and looking forward to some great discussions.

I must point out that I'm not a natural born techy so...

Why Mobile & Me, well until 3 years ago I was CEO and Publisher of the leading Travel Magazines and Guides for London. I was less Mobile savvy than my 2 kids but, got in at the early stages of the Mobiles reading Barcodes technology, with my then Printing Co. in Finland coz' those damn clever Finns are so up to speed with their mobile technology, and sauna's, eurovision songs :-) etc!

Anyway, fast forward three years (having heard you never work with, kids, animals... or mobile technology) and I can safely say the working with mobile technology bit is really not so bad at all - but, wow what a lot of misinformation as this business starts to catch on around the world.

So, if it's mobile optical reading, mobile barcodes, mobile applications, clicking codes, mobile for business etc. feel free to ask me and delighted to help.

Doesn't need to be about UpCode (my co. here) as I'm very happy to provide guidance on this whole subject from each perspective and talk about the competition, the alternatives, whatever I know is all yours! If it helps people understand it better, make the right decisions, spread the truth - then that's good for everyone.

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Hey Richie,

Agree with that - are you a teacher? We're actually working with Adobe to help get better access and support for kids - so on the case :-)

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