^ is right
< has delusions of grandeur
V also likes cheese pizza

^ Has a lot of posts
> enjoys programming
V can play an instrument

^ Must have seen one of the posts on another site where i mentioned i used to play drums..
< Is sad right now
V Wants to go party!

^ needs some rest
< needs some rest
V needs some rest

^ Is way overworked and needs a break
< Eating a cookie
V Wants to see the movie COMMANDO in analogue :)

^ enjoyed the cookie
< does lots commando including watching movies
V shuddered at the image of < commando

^ Doesnt know i love that move! (In analogue)
< Is drinking some coke @ the moment
V Will get a cold drink (Maybe some pepsi) in a few minutes..

^ has a lot of posts
< is working in the office
V will post next

^ Is very smart
< Is replying to my thread here
V Will reply to my thread after talking on the phone for hours

^Is a dude
<Is sleepy
V Is...active?

^ Is very knowledable (Yes i am active on this site)
< Is eating some THIN MINT cookies
V Wants to dance all night while singing ther ABCs

^ Should stop watchin me at night
< Loves to dance all night but doesnt quite know the ABC's
V Secretly wants to dance all night as well

^ IS deflecting... The real issue here is: HE LIKES TO DANCE WHILE SINGING HIS ABCs BACKWARDS :D
< Am enjoying some 2009 Pepsi throwback :)
V doesnt have anything on thier feet @ the moment

^ The Dude...:D
< Waiting for a ride to go home from work :)
V What are your plans after posting here?

^ Playing another game
< Excited for the next Game
V Do you love the game?

^ excited
< dan't dance but can sing his abc-s standing on his head, ɐqɔpǝɟƃɥıɾʞlɯuodbɹsʇnʌʍxʎz, not really, he's Australian, he always talks that way
V also cant think of something mindshattering to be doin instead of this

^ Knows me well
< Is getting Hungry
V Is eating Pizza

^ Plays this game too much
< Should really be working
V is probably the dude :p

^ Must be a C# guru
< Is not a dude!
V Is hungry

^ Must be a Flattery Guru..and ought to go eat
< Just won £110 :D
V Spends lots of time at a keyboard

^Just sent that £110 to me via paypal
VLikes dressing up in women's clothing

^how did you know
< thought it was a secret
\/ is looking up < skirt

^Should be wearing underwear!! O.O
<Wishes he hadnt looked up!
V Wont see anything up my skirt :p

^ Hasn't seen anything up your skirt
< Listening to marilyn manson
V Is increasingly disturbed by the previous posts on this page of the thread.

^ To each his own
< You're way off your target today
V Come on let's interact thru this game.

^ Is relatively new here
< Has a horrible cough
V Is wondering whether or not to post a reply.

^ - Has no clue what im thinking :D
< - Drinking Some Coke from Mcdonalds
V - Wants to tell us what fun was had today :)

^ doesn't know what I'm thinking either...
< jeez i need to get on with this work...
V has probably not done all their work either...

^ cracks the whip, slave-driven by boss
< retired: kicking back on another holiday
V wants to retire

By satphone from Outback NSW, 32degreesC, bloody marvelous

^ - Doesnt know what they are referring to
< - Enjoying some Coke from Mcdonalds
V - Sitting there wondering about life