^ lived in 2010.
< living in 2011.
V will live in 2012 also.

^ Is Indian...(me too...YAY)
< Is Schizophrenic
V Is a Time Killer..

^ Waited 2 months for a reply.
< Took 2 months to reply.
V Did not brush their teeth for 2 months.

^ Is a Pokyman.
< Enjoys his bad breath, thank you.
V Had a nude photoshoot with an east-african camel

^ Should have pointed the "V" to the "<".
< Am not a "porkyman" :'(
V Checking out the toes on a camel.

^ - Doesnt know me well
< - Wondering why this site doesnt look as good as it used to :(
V - Eating cookies as they are typing :)

^ Did not type for me, but ate the cookies
< Is currently online
V Thinking if their shoes are comfortable

^ Doesn't know the letters in the alphabet, since D comes after ABC, not "s".
< Just farted and had to leave the room for 2 hours.
V Is wondering what smells like baked brownies.