Hello All;

New guy here. 62 Y/O, married all my life to the same lady (44 years), grampa of 2 G-daughters, and one happy man. Retired USN, Retired FedEx, on my third career with a Cardiology practice in Memphis TN as the Information Technology and Security Officer (Nice name for IT, EMR, LAN, and troubleshooter. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs not prescribed, live a clean life, but had trouble with headaches from my halo being too tight, so I started drinking lots of coffee just to have a vice. Headaches went away. Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher, Christian at large as well as in church on Sunday and Wednesday, Desktop publisher, writer, and lover of all things naturally beautiful.

Got a great job, but it gets a bit spooky when you realize "I ain't got nobody" but me, and the "buck stops here". I'll be spending time with y'all. Thanks for being there.

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wow your life seems quite fulfilled i must say =D I hope my life will be good as well!

also welcome to Daniweb! I'm new too =)

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