As a way of brief introduction I am a New Yorker who has recently transplanted themselves overseas to London. I am a NY Ranger fan and as such have been following their terrific progress on any web medium that I can.

I am new to the C++ world and am learning the third programming language (after FORTRAN, yeah an oldie, but a goodie, and VBA - which doesn't work on my MAC) in order to be able to model financial investments and structures. Not only am I new to C++, but am new to the programming environment of the Mac (which I very much enjoy) - so am about to learn a lot of new things and pray for patience from those brave souls who take the time to answer my questions and queries.

Name - Robert
Nickname - NYRanger
Height - 6' 1"
Weight - let's just say that it goes along with my height
Hair - dark brown
Eyes - need the assistance of glasses
Location - Originally from NYC, but now in London
Age - old enough, definitely old enough

Hobbies - travel, food, skiing, sailing, photography

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - oldies, tv themes , fun lively songs with lyrics I can understand, Peter the Meter Reader ... right now my cellphone ringer is set to Copacabana

Education - BSME from UCONN and an MBA from RPI

Favorite Movies - Hunt for Red October, Ratatouille, An American President

Favorite TV Shows - Anything on the discovery channel (when I was back in the states that is), The West Wing - now that I am in London it's not much TV

Favorite Computer Games - Any flight sims and Tiger Woods' Golf (funny, my slice continues even in the video game!)

Stuff I Dislike - closed minded people who don't care to learn more and have their opinions changed

More coming when I think of it ...

Hi Robert...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us

Welcome to Daniweb!

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb!