Hey Everybody,

I'm a MIS Major (Management Info Systems) and am graduating this December with my bachelor's degree.

I have a C# project due this Friday by midnight, and so I was hoping to seek out some help before then! Thanks in advance!

I hope to stick around for a while and pick up new skills as well.


PS- does anyone know good example programs or tutorial links that they could refer me too? I need an A on this project, and probably started 2 weeks too late.

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Glad to have you with us! Please take a look at our Software Development section--> C# for all the info you need. Please Post your assignment along with what you've tried and we'll be more than happy to provide assistance!


Wow, I like this forum already! I wasn't sure what to expect, but this place seems really lively. Thanks for the reply, and I will get started here as soon as possible. The grading is basically based upon the best project (things we also pick up outside of class), so I hope to pick up some new tricks here.

Glad to be here. Thanks for the direction.


Bookwise, if you want a nice intro to c#, get the book "Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005 Step by Step" - its by Microsoft and is on amazon for $30 to $40

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