I am Bones. I am a Miami, Florida based attorney. I work for my clients and my family. Once upon a time I was a computer science major, back when computers were the size of closets and had the computing speed of washing machine. Data was entered on punch cards, 1 line at a time. You had to wait for the sysop to run your program and your output was on green and white paper that came out of a line printer. Anyway, I was among the first in my profession to urge the use of computers for daily office tasks, which now is commonplace. I have just switched from MS Windows based computers to Mac OS X10.5.3, and I am very happy to have made the switch. If I can answer your questions, feel free to write to me. I'll do what I can for you in this type of environment.

Best Wishes.

Hi Bones:
I like your name, reminds me of Dr. McCoy on Star Trek.

Welcome! I really like it here, and I am sure you will too!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks. Yes, Dr. McCoy was a favorite character of mine from the old Star Trek days. The nickname came from my ex-wife's sister. She thought i was only interested in jumping her sister's bones, hence I was Jumpbones to her her for a while. Bones suite me just fine. she is an ex-wife and her sister has gone to her reward, whatever that is. I am still Bones.

Welcome to DaniWeb Bones. I remember those days too where I worked in the military. The first computer I ever saw was housed on three floors of a 5-story concrete building (1963). Now it can be fit in the palm of my hand.