How can you get a gwbasic program to print out on a hp photosmart 7960 printer.
I can list it on the screen,but can't get it to print on the printer.Thanks for any help - Ron T

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dump that old version of basic and get the latest-and-greatest free Visual Basic .NET

Where can you get a copy of GW basic? (Or Basic A)

I like to program in Basic and i would love having these again!!

Get it here link found on wiki scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see External Links. There is also a link to User's Guide which might, or might not, answer Ron's question. Since that compiler was written for MS-DOS 6.X and earlier its unlikely it will support printers on any version of MS-Windows.

If you want to learn vb, forget about GWBASIC and learn VB 2008 Express, you will like the results a lot better.

Thanks Dragon :)

Welcome to the site RonT!

Davide thanks for the info - Ron T

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