I am currently on my way to getting a MIS Degree and am clueless on the whole cert world. I was looking for some good certs to look into or some insight on what to look for or at.

Thanks for the help

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I don't know much about developer certification tracks (I'm more of a system administrator), but I think the ubiquitous automobile analogy would fit here. So far you have essentially said "I want to buy a car. What should I get?"

Well, it depends on what you want it to do for you. If you want to be a Windows software developer, you might look into some of the MS developer certs (MCITP and whatnot). If you want to be a database administrator, pick your platform (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.) and choose a DBA cert for that platform.

Like buying a car, decide what you want before getting the cert. Don't buy an SUV and then decide you want a fuel-efficient vehicle, or buy a compact car to haul construction equipment.


if you dont have a programming background your best bet would be to obtain a DBA certificate from one of the big DBMS. i agree with bogenbroom.

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