Forget it.,1000000121,39452527,00.htm

"three years from general availability of Windows Vista"
Or 18 months after SP1.
Or what, 2 weeks after SP3 and the deluge of daily fixes has slowed to a trickle. Oh well, never mind, time to buy some new hardware and ride this brand new pony from "Buckaroo".

But as soon as it's "fixed", it'll be declared obsolete!

"however, that it would be making substantial architectural changes"
In other words, the old one was crap and full of bugs, so the new one will be full of the same bugs (queue - daily stream of hot fixes for a year or so). Mmm, I recognise this tune.

"Windows 7 will have a new multitouch user interface."
Buy shares in makers of screen cleaner products now! They're about to join the gravy train along with the hard disk and memory manufacturers.

Who the hell wants a touchable screen interface you have to clean every few minutes because it's now covered in your grubby paw prints. You won't need the GUI to create windows with fuzzy borders, the grease from your fingers will do just fine. Plus, what if your "wax on, wax off" style of cleaning the screen gets interpreted as some command.,1000000567,10008314o-2000331777b,00.htm

Now take a breath and relax.

Oh the pain of "gorilla arm", looks like the medical profession will rake in the money more than ever.

Microsoft has to copy someone elses idea, this time it's the iPhone?