Many of us had dillusions of grandure as children. Like the world was perfect
and strangers could be trusted. It is a learned behavior to distrust. We are
taught to not talk to strangers and look both ways before crossing the street.
As we get older and we slowly learn over time
that the world isn't perfect and doesnt always make sence --just because.
Most of all, we learned to be imaginative and creative, we learned to dream.
Dreams seem to be bound tightly into the psyche of an individual and say alot
(or little) about the environment in which it was bore from. The odds are
stacked against you from the start and youre destined to fail. The world is a
small place with many unachieved dreams. Many of us didnt wake up one day
and say, "I wanna pound keys for a living in tech support hell. Thats my
childhood dream." . Instead we wanted to be a firefighter, cop, balarena or a
princess. Childhood dreams were not rooted in fact and many have failed since
then. So spill the beans kiddies, lets hear about your failed dreams...
..or have you forgotten them already?

Ill spill first (this is classic): Astronaut

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I wanted to be a World War Two fighter pilot.
Unfortunately the boundaries of time and physics deemed it not to be so.
Then I decided I wanted to be a submarine commander, but they told me I was too tall (and the fact that NZ has NO submarines..) so I wanted to be a child star.
I was 22 at the time. They said I was too big to be a child star, but that I could be a sheep shagger. This was not at all interesting as I had met Australians before and did not want to become one, although I'd love to be able to support their cricket sides.
So I fell back on the age old dream of becoming a rock star. I grew my hair long and played guitar for a decade only to find that progressive rock died out in the 70's and I would live a hermit in my own musical boundaries.
Oh.. and a fireman.

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