:lol: Hi, my Name is holly or better known as Lynn's payne (my hubby). I was looking for some computer help because what knowledge I do have~ well lets just say it was well earned trial and error. There are some things I just cannot fix without help. Let me explain why we titled this thread computer club. I have a nine year old daughter who signed up for a computer club at her school. The kids vote every year on a project to do, and this year they voted to raise money and donation of computer parts, programs. They then build the computers with help (Guess who). The computers they build are then donated to someone who cannot afford a computer. To date we have built three this year. We were given a Windows xp pro edition and its all new ball game for all of us. I wish all of you the very best, and we are totally open to new suggestions ect. Thanks

How about letting some of them decorate a case (without the parts in) with paints?

How about letting some of them decorate a case (without the parts in) with paints?

That is actually not a bad idea. They are learning a lot about computers and how they work. They have had a lot of fun doing this and their favorite part is seeing someone actually getting to use the computers that they built. We have a tech that donates his time to us to help with really delicate stuff like the motherboards but, the girls sit with him and tell him why and how it works and where it belongs. I bet they would love to paint on the cases. thanks for the idea.

Let them autograph the inside of the cases...the Apple Engineers used to make a practice of this...then someday when they go inside they will see all the names of the sweet kids that did this for them....just an idea!

they could customized a slideshow screensaver with their pictures on there too.

why not paint other things? a custom mouse and keyboard would probably go down well! For my GCSE design project 3 years ago we had to MAKE a mouse (using internals from a working mouse of course) that was pretty intense in 4 hours manufacturing time! What about desingning a custom case? ive seem some pretty extreme examples, such as cases shaped like artifacts from around the world and even star wars ships! designing a case based on the school flag / emblem could be an idea