I only have a dial-up connection so when downloading large files, I leave the computer downloading overnight, thus leaving my phone free during the day.

However with my current computer the computer runs for a while and then simply locks up. I come out in the morning and the screen is frozen and unresponsive to the keyboard. I have to reboot up the computer using the reboot button. Doing an all file search shows that at some time previously the computer stopped, for example last night I left the computer running and downloading at 11 pm and the search shows it stopped at approximately 4 am the next morning. On the administrtive tools event viewer fails to show any event occuring at this time for either system, or shows no fault in the system or application.

I have removed all power saving settings, removed the screen saver and removed all possible user TSR programs using task manager and still this happens. Any suggestions or explantions welcome


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Have you ever opened it up and cleaned inside? Checked that all fans etc. are still running as they should? Your system could be overheating and locking up.

Have you got a firewall in place? A system left unattended, unprotected and connected is a 'target' for malicious little bored individuals to vandalise.

Have you a 'net connection which 'times out' after several hours?

Thanks for the information and suggestions

1) Computer is only 3 months old and all the fans seem to be working OK. Ill check the on board temperature sensors
2) Im using a firewall program : ZoneAlarm
3) My internet connection times out after 40 hours, I have never reached that

One additional observations is that ithe morningwhen the computer is frozen, the phone i also dead, there is no dial tone or modem crackle indication that the modem is still connected but not tranfering or communicating



I suspect you have spyware and malware installed on your PC, including 'diallers' which seek to disconnect you and use your phone line.

Please read the "Helping Yourself: What to do first" topic in the Security forum section, and use the suggested tools to scan for spyware/malware' and remove any such that they find. There are several articles linked which describe how to use them.

Let us know if they help, please

It doesn't sound like a simple matter such as a download timing out, because there is no reason that would 'freeze' your system.

I looked at the section you recomended and I seem to have this under control. I regularly check for spyware using Ad-aware and also run a firewall of Zone Alarm. I use avg as a virus checker and preventative. I also downloaded and ran the trojan remover without it finding any trojans. Last night it operated 4 hours before it froze.

Thanks for the suggestions to date and any other ideas are welcome

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