David, here. Old guy - like REAL old - 58. Retired for health stuff - still active, tho. Unrepentant audiophile. Still write dreck for local publications. Strange place to find an - dare I say it - English Major. 85 year-old step-father builds my computers for me - isn't that a gas? He helped design and build the engines for the SR-71 spy plane, working for Pratt-Whitney in FL.

Am amateur radio person, with many IT friends and ham radio geeks. Fascinating what is happening to ham radio, software defined radios, etc. as the bandwidth is being realocated - nothing new. I've turned a number of them towards Daniweb as it offers so much support to people who are expanding what can be done with what is at hand.

The single most important facet of Daniweb is the amazing group of people, mostly incredibly young, but of all ages, who respond to one another in a helpful, friendly, supportive manner. I cannot express how refreshing I find this. The level of expertise and intellect is astounding. Continue to be kind to one another. There is ample negativity in the world today.

Thanks for the welcome. I can't imagine ever having a piece of information to relate to any of you - but, one never knows. 2dumb / David

Hey there. Welcome to DaniWeb!

Welcome David
Great intro. Glad to have you here. I find you quite interesting:)

Hope to see you around though