Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC technology Correspondent, is apparently the most visible person online in the UK according to the latest MostPublic Index due to be published tomorrow.

The NowPublic network, which acts as a detailed barometer of whose voices are the most heard in the digital landscape, reveals that Cellan-Jones is at the top of the tree as far as MostPublic UK index is concerned.

The index works by gauging connectivity across four categories: online visibility, social networking and UGC presence, interactivity and microblogging impact. In other words, how your news and views are reported within networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Alexa, YouTube, Google and Technorati to name but a few.

“The goal of NowPublic’s MostPublic Index is to measure—on a completely transparent, metric-driven basis—who has the greatest digital reach and is most effectively broadcasting their own personal brand online,” said Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic. “The UK Index is our first foray into analyzing the digital landscape outside of North America. Our neighbors across the pond have a history of early technology adoption and it’s clear that the utilization of leading US-based microblogging tools is no exception.”

So who else features in the new UK most visible top 20?

  1. Rory Cellan-Jones
  2. Darren Waters
  3. Iain Dale
  4. Paul Bradshaw
  5. Erik Huggers
  6. Tom Coates
  7. Ewan McIntosh
  8. Stephen Fry
  9. Nick Robinson
  10. Neil McIntosh
  11. Suw Charman-Anderson
  12. Alan Connor
  13. Kevin Anderson
  14. Andy Murray
  15. Ian Betteridge
  16. Robert Peston
  17. Jon Kossman
  18. Euan Semple
  19. Jack Schofield
  20. Charles Arthur
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