"At roughly 4:30 p.m. Eastern time last Tuesday, the volume of junk e-mail arriving at inboxes around the world suddenly plummeted by at least 65 percent, an unprecedented drop caused by what is believed to be a single, simple act. "

Read the rest here - quite eye opening.

Yeah i have actually noticed it I had 150+ spam a day (yeah lol) now its like 40

I always feel bizarre with the fact that a lot of spam mails managed to pass through my spam killer while some legitimate mails got blocked.

mine works prettymuch perfectly. I use outlook and windows mail.

:sweat: Eesh, I was just thinking today how I seemed to be getting so much more spam than usual.


commented: That sucks >_< +5

That might explain how it's only at at 300, instead of 600. But it's all in the spam folder, so was never a major concern for me.

That sort of reminds me of last summer when I was visiting my family in MT - they had cable so we were watching FOX (don't ask - mom is a dyed in the wool conservative and FOX was better than Rush) and guess what kind of commercials they were running? Enhancers, enlargers, and all the spam that hit our email. We are so happy to not have cable at home!

At least one of those ads will trouble you no more. The one with "Smiling Bob" (as I labeled the goofy character) has been put out of business for fraudulent claims and business practices.

Poor Bob. That has to be very deflating to his huge swelling of pride. :(

Poor Bob. That has to be very deflating to his huge swelling of pride. :(

Quite clever Ezzaral! I laughed at this one for a while!

swelling of pride lol